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Beyond a Song CIC works with communities to build the self-love and confidence needed to:

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Actualise their ambitions
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Build a supportive ecosystem where barriers to participation are removed
Reach their potential

Our hope is to change the lyrics, rhythm and tempo of your life – empowering you to own the story you were born with but feel confident and equipped to write a new one.


Each programme is unique. We listen to your needs and design experiences and programmes that meet your needs which focus on championing your best self and developing the practices & tools needed for healthier, happier lives- through the power of song.


Connectedness, individuality & legacy are our guiding principles.

Beyond a Song CIC offers:



Wellbeing and Learning programmes:

To develop the confidence and build the skills needed to create the life they love


Using their voices to empower their communities.


Musical wellbeing events & conversations:

To build a supportive ecosystem in a non-abrasive, creative way.


Collaboration with like-minded community partners through events and sessions.

Please contact us if Beyond a Song can work with you to impact your community.

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This year, we are proud to be funded by Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, supported by Westfield Stratford City and Foundation for Future London.’


The Healing Tour is a user-led personal development programme led by Women heroes, who have been through trauma – with a focus on domestic violence. We work with mums, hospices, hospitals, churches, women’s refuges, female refugees and support groups. This programme is facilitated by lived experienced experts. We use the creative arts to create a therapeutic, supportive, non-judgmental safe space for women and mums to feel free to express themselves and to know they aren’t alone. We do not discriminate – we encourage all cultures, religions and differences in our spaces. We support women by using creative arts to help them recover from Common Mental Health issues, foster a healthy mindset and develop skills to help build a sustainable career.




Beyond a Song CIC works with students of all ages in educational settings to build the self-love and confidence.


The needs of each student can vary based on their personal circumstance, so we aim to cultivate safe spaces and  develop skills that empower students to:


Discover what wellbeing means to them

Take responsibility for their wellbeing

Build resilience for personal and educational success

Creatively express emotions in a non-judgemental environment

Beyond a Song CIC offers:



Music With A Message Assemblies/Sessions:

To develop the confidence and build the skills needed to create the life they love.

The Wellbeing Conversation University Tour:

Interactive workshops for students and societies.

Interactive Talks:

Talks about building resilience, empowering individuals and managing wellbeing during university.


For Teachers, Parents & Carers:


- Wellbeing & team-building sessions.


 - The Wellbeing Conversation – an interactive session for parents, carers and teachers.


Please contact us if Beyond a Song can work with you or your educational setting.

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