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Connectedness, individuality & legacy are our guiding principles.

We thrive on and welcome people from all backgrounds to make our Beyond a Song community richer, more diverse and representative of all the beautiful minds out there. Have a look at how you can change the world by becoming a part of our growing community.


Volunteer with us

We rely on volunteers to help us achieve our mission. We also welcome the opportunity for others to gain experience using our platform. We are looking for passionate, creative and reliable, volunteers from all backgrounds to get involved.

Help us change the world by:

Supporting the Beyond A Song CIC team with expert skills:

Live instruments, social media, creative blog writing, photography, videography, digital marketing, fundraising, and event coordination.

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Mentoring a programme participant:

Our participants may require expert mentoring, this may be corporate and specialist mentors in the area they wish to change the world. As a mentor, you will use your skills to build a trusted relationship with your mentee and provide them with a range of support.

Expert facilitators:

We are looking for experts to support us. If you have expertise in a particular field

E.g. Mental Health, Wellness, Finance, Marketing, Social Media, Strategy, Business Planning, Pitching/Presentation, Coaching, Fundraising

and would like to contribute to our programme by facilitating a workshop for our young entrepreneurs, then we'd love to hear from you. 

Inspirational speakers:

We are always looking for individuals with powerful lived experience stories that inspire our people and demonstrate the power of resilience and self-belief.


Partner with us

We understand that corporate partners will have their own specific goals and outcomes to meet.

By tailoring the partnership offer with pre-agreed goals and metrics, our collaboration will be mutually beneficial. We are confident that partnering with Beyond A Song CIC will add credibility to your organisation’s overall corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy

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Positive brand association:

Collaborating with Beyond A Song CIC enables your organisation to prove its commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity and empowering under-resourced communities. 

Partnership Acknowledgments:

Beyond A Song CIC will proudly promote the partnership across our networks.

Staff Engagement:

Corporate volunteers have told us that directly mentoring our programme participants, has taken them out of their comfort zone and helped them consider their own personal development. Examples include thinking more creatively around shared values, leadership, decision-making and negotiation. 

Innovative service solutions:

The skills that employees learn through volunteering with Beyond a song CIC can be directly transferred into your business, providing creative, forward-thinking solutions. By introducing our core values and sharing our experiences, employees are empowered to consider their own privilege and how they can create a more respectful, diverse and inclusive workplace, resulting in higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

How you can partner with Beyond A Song CIC :

Commission us to deliver wellbeing workshops 

Commission us to deliver your company team-building and ‘away days’

Support with marketing and communication

Support with space for events

Assist with fundraising

Mentor our programme participants 

Facilitate expert workshops (e.g. finance, marketing, business planning, digital)

Sponsor team-building activities and/or external learning journeys

Sponsor a whole Beyond A Song programme

Assist Beyond a song with core funding

Commission our workshops for your service users

Commission our Beyond a song CIC Alumni 

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