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The feedback from the TEDx audience was so overwhelming that we had
no choice but to bring
her back

to the TEDx stage...




TEDx Peckham

Tiwa was such an amazing presence!
"It was a really well-run experience, loved the musical element, Tiwa was such an amazing presence. I have already actioned some of the takeaways and look forward to a brighter future."

Harry, Lawyer Apple

"Tiwa’s talk was incredibly moving, we were touched by the way she was able to resonate with every person in the room. Her unique mixture of storytelling & understanding of complex issues, as well as strategies to overcome these obstacles; combined with song made for a wonderfully unique experience for the team."

Stephanie Maurel

CEO of The Corporation of Church House

"Tiwa had a profound effect on our team, and she is an excellent speaker (and singer!). There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback from the team, who derived much value; food for thought and enjoyment from her talk. Tiwa has a special gift for articulating the human experience, and we were glad to witness it!"

Cinzia Marshe

Head of Marketing for Church House




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London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham


Thank you very much for your time and for delivering your 'Self-love at school' series to the group. It was so powerful! Navigating teenage life in this region can be delicate at the best of times, but now post /mid-pandemic school attendance added on to that has made it that much more complicated. I have witnessed first-hand how the girls are have slowly become more confident in themselves and their decisions, leading to them taking more positive risks in the classroom and socially around school. They really looked forward to the sessions, one of the younger girls even used one of the tag lines to encourage her classmate during form time just a few weeks ago. It was so sweet! As an educator, this makes my job easier because it is part of the life skills that we try to develop in them, and is directly linked to improved academic attainment. As one of the

people supervising the sessions, I was surprised at how much I have benefitted personally too. I hope you will be available to do the same with a new set of girls.

Teacher, Horizon School International, Dubai

Absolutely loved today's session. Tiwa your energy is so positive and you have such a lovely energy!
Can't wait until the next one!




Senior leader - Pollen

An excellent course,
thank you so much.
This was a great foundation.



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Kate - Doctor

An amazing session, I feel like I can do anything now!
I will keep reminding myself to believe in who I am and what I do and that's
all thanks to Tiwa!




The Healing Tour - Participant


Hey Tiwa, just wanted to say thank you for your session. You really put things into perspective. Thank you for letting me know that I am valuable as I've been feeling lost lately. Today I really felt special and confident in who I am. As a teenager especially in this generation, it is hard but you have given me hope. Thank vou.

Student - Horizon School International, Dubai

Tiwa hosted a 3 part workshop about self-love in the workplace for us and it was absolutely brilliant. I always left feeling really positive, her energy is contagious, even over video call! Thank you so much Tiwa for giving us the space and time in each session for reflection and discussion as well as some great tips for aligning our lives with what is in our core.



Amy - Communications Manager , NHS

Proud to have worked with
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