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Tiwa King’s keynotes have been dubbed ‘The Power Talks'.


Renowned for her use of combining live music & storytelling to deliver powerful and empowering talks on different aspects of Wellbeing. Each keynote is tailored, high-energy, interactive, evidence-based and focused on getting you to champion your best self and take your life to the next level – in every space. 

The Power Of Wellbeing

Keynote focused on the life changing effects wellbeing has on every area of your being. 

The Power Of Authenticity

Keynote focused on how to take Diversity and inclusion past policies and programmes and embedded as authentic character traits.

The Power Of Lived Experience

Keynote focused on the value of your lived experience in every space and how to use your voice and story to drive positive change.

Women Empowerment

Keynote focused on how value, presence, confidence and unleashing the power within.

The Power Of Resilence

Keynote focused on the mastering the art of “bouncing up” and thriving even in the midst of adversity.

Confidence Is Calling

Keynote focused on how to increase your confidence and use it to unlock a fulfilling life.

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